Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby Burrows #2

It has been way to long since the last time I signed into my blog account!!!! So much has changed. We moved out to west Texas in May of 2011. Kelby will be 3 in September (how is that possible?) and we are expecting Baby Burrows #2 Dec. 28th!!!! We are all so excited about our growing family. Kelby keeps telling me "I can't wait for my baby to come out" :) We find out the sex of baby #2 next Wednesday the 18th. Everyone keeps asking me if I feel like its a boy or girl and I really don't know either way. You know, when Kelby was born she weighed 9.13 and was two weeks early!!! Our first apt. here my doctor told me to be prepared for another big baby because we had a big baby plus John and I both were 10lb + babies. He said if its a boy that they are statistically 10% bigger then the last baby....YIKES!!! But if its a girl then she will most likely be the same size or maybe a little smaller than Kelby. Who knows...I did it the first time so I'm pretty sure we will be fine. Watch us have a 7 lb baby ;) I had a pretty good first trimester. I was a little tired but the pregnancy hormones really didn't bother me until the late evenings. Now that we are in the second trimester at 16 weeks I have had a couple of rough mornings but I'm still eating like a pig! I've had to put off the gym until the afternoons instead of mornings. I've grown out of my size 5 1/2 wedding bands and have put on the old size 7 rings that I wore with Kelby. My feet have definitely not gotten too bad yet but they do swell. I won't consider it bad until I wake up in the morning with unrecognizable anckles ;) I've already have put on 10lbs since finding out we were pregnant. I gained 60+ with Kelby but my goal is not to push 40lbs with this one.... Tough goal, right?!?! I have started at the same weight as when I was pregnant with Kelby BUT I had lost 10lbs off my starting pregnancy weight with Kelby after having her. I was in great shape when we got pregnant with Kelby which probably helped. When we moved to Midland I managed to put on 10lbs to put me back at the same pregnancy weight as with . I know I'm going on and on and on about this but I lost my spunk with working out after moving here. I still go to the gym 4-6 x's a week when we moved here but it is like I just am there to hang out. Now that I can't lift at all anymore because of ligament pulling and only doing 1hour of walking a day on the treadmill I am mentally trying to get ready for the work to be done after baby comes. It's possible and I am capable so it should be easy, right?!?! I just hope I'm not in the same work out funk as I have been for the past year when it is time to work because I know it will probably be twice as hard as the first time.

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  1. So... happy to see you blogging again!! I can't wait till you find out next week because I have some stuff I am going to make you as soon as you know! :) You will be just as beautiful as you were before, during and after Kelby with this one, too!
    Maybe work will get so good for the guys we can move to Midland too! ha
    Can't wait to hear about your journey and sorry for all the cry baby stuff on FB but these emotions are getting the best of me! It is so crazy how different each pregnancy is for everyone!
    Talk to you soon...